I have been performing solo music as well as duets with my daughter, Nina Terhune (together known as Nina & Son). I play a special set of songs written by members of the Loser's Lounge family, including compositions by Katia Floreska, Julia Greenberg, Alyson Greenfield, Robin Goldwasser, Blythe Gruda, Julia Joseph, Julian Maile, Joe McGinty, Nada Surf, Erik Paparozzi, Jed Parish, Ed Rogers, Eddie Skuller, The Tall Pines, Ward White, Kris Woolsey and Tony Zajkowski. Nina & Son also regularly perform at Loser's Lounge shows.


The Loser's Lounge at Joe's Pub

The Loser's Lounge, in its 30th year, performs tribute shows to a variety of songwriters, bands, and musical concepts every other month at Joe's Pub - 425 Lafayette Street, Manhattan. Our recent shows have included Burt Bararach, Neil Young, Carole King, Prince, ABBA, Queen, Aretha Franklin, Paul Williams, ELO, Barry Manilow/Bette Midler, Tom Petty, The Band's Last Waltz, and Barbra Streisand.


Bootfoot is Eleanor Imster and David Terhune. They have been performing, writing and recording together with family and friends since 1984. Band mates include Tom Duval (guitarist and producer/engineer for Bootfoot recordings), Marc Fagelson (bass), Patty Lenartz (percussion), Rob Terhune (bass) and Kevin Terhune (guitar). You can hear their recordings on Spotify, YouTube and other reputable online platforms. Look for their album Here's Bootfoot! (with cover art by Julie Wilson) and the single Aberdeen (cover art by Eleanor and Elena Terhune and produced by Harry Imster).